If GOD asked me to logically convince him for letting me have a ton of chocolates, the above line would definitely be the first one. But as people are jealous of all good things in the world, so is the tragedy of chocolate myths. So let me dissolve some of these dark and sweet myths for all you lovely chocolate lovers.


This is an age old misconception stuck to the poor innocent chocolate, unnecessarily destroying it’s image. This myth is absolutely false. There is no relation to consumption of chocolate and getting cavities. In fact, studies have proved that cocoa bean, which is a primary ingredient in chocolate helps to kill the bacteria in the mouth cavity and as a result prevent its decay.
So next time, somebody says chocolate causes tooth decay, confidently deny and raise your voice against this injustice against this tiny little yummy pack of happiness.


The confusion around these elementary ingredients is quite an err. Though there is a vast difference between the source as well as the appearance, they are interchangeably referred to, in many situations, in context to chocolate.

Cacao is an edible but raw form of chocolate. It is available in whole as well powder form. Mostly you must have noticed cacao nibs in nearby supermarkets.

Whereas cocoa, is a processed form of chocolate. Roasting raw cacao results into cocoa. Cocoa is mostly available in powdered forms. Two types of cocoa powders cross your way if you plan on to buying cocoa powder in the current chocolate market. It is either natural cocoa powder or dutch processed cocoa powder. The natural one is obtained by roasting the cocoa beans, whereas the dutch processed cocoa is a result of some chemical procedure on the cacao nibs.


Many parents believe that chocolate is a reason behind unpredictable hyperactivity in certain children.

But research totally contradicts the above claim. Consumption of chocolate did not show any visible changes in a child’s behaviour. In fact, some happy and zeal packed situations are the fundamental factor causing such hyperactivity. Occasions such as birthdays, family get-togethers, and the resulting happiness around causes kids to be extremely active. As most of the times, chocolate holds a centre spot in desserts served at such occasions, the blame goes to chocolate.

Whereas studies denies all such fake claims and declare chocolate to be totally guilt free.