Super foods –
The most trending topic for health freaks. It is also the most disputed point in current times as these food items have their share of positive and negative sides.

Questioning them in detail would assist in choosing the right one for the particular health issue.

Today, let us focus on one strata of these food beasts i.e. SUPER SEEDS.

There is an array of super seeds lying around the counter of your grocery store. The below description would hopefully benefit you in determining which one is the best pick.

1. Flax seeds (“Alsi/Javas”)

These brown beauties are nutty and slightly bitter in taste. They are best consumed ground, as it becomes easy for the body to absorb them. Talking about the health benefits, it has anti-cancer properties. They are supposed to be great for eye sight. It also helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

These under rated nuts-cum-seeds are the best possible healthy egg alternatives. They need to be ground and added to some teaspoons of water to form a sticky egg-like mixture, which if added as an egg substitute to any baked good’s recipe, can turn your perspective about these wholesome seeds.

These health packed seeds can be best consumed raw. You just needs to add a tiny pinch of salt to a handful of these seeds and toast then until you feel the nutty aroma.

2. Hemp seeds (“Sun dil”)

If you are no gym person like me, this is the best pick for you. Building strong muscles with minimal work out seems to be a dream come true. So there comes the role of hemp seeds. It is one of the only foods, which is a source of all the 20 amino acids. Supposedly the best source of protein.

Add them to your salads and end up getting the perfect crunch needed. Toast them and add to your baked goods, which will help adding a slight crunchy texture to it, adding to the overall mouth feel.

3. Chia seeds (“Sabza”)

These super tiny black balls are good source of magnesium. These end up promoting teeth and bone health. They also help in balancing blood sugar levels. These are filled with the most beneficial nutrients on the planet.

It is the best way to cool your body on super sunny days. It is the best way to get rid of the body heat and fill your body with a refreshing breeze.

They are best consumed with desserts. Just soak them in some teaspoons of water for few minutes and they will turn into a sticky matter which is not easily separable. add it on top of any desserts and I assure they will make your day. The cool mouth feel they incorporate is incomparable and indistinguishable.

Sky is the limit, keep trying to add these super super seeds to absolutely anything, and surely enjoy the uncountable health benefits.