When you crave for something yummy yet healthy, granola bar is an ideal choice. Having the simplest recipe; it gives space for experimentation too and yet guarantees a successful outcome. One can try adding anything right from oats, puffed rice,honey and dry fruits of your choice.


Experiment, figure out your own granola recipe and enjoy it with a glass of milk. It is the most wholesome breakfast in a tiny bar, correctly coined as the “hippie food”.


Yield: 20 bars


  • ½ cup honey / sugar
  • ½ cup oats / puffed rice
  • ¼ cup dried fruits (raisins, almonds)


  • Butter a shallow wide pan and keep aside.
  • Place a medium saucepan on simmer.
  • Add honey/ sugar or both in combination (¼ cup honey + ¼ cup sugar) in the saucepan. Let the sugar melt.
  • Once the mixture starts to form bubbles, add oats and dried fruits.
  • Mix until everything is combined and starts to leave the sides of the sauce pan.
  • Put the mixture into the buttered pan and spread it all over. Press it with a wooden spoon to make the granola as thin as possible.
  • Wait until it cools down. Then break it into desired shape and its ready to be enjoyed with the morning tea.
  • If stored at room temperature in an airtight container, these bars should last for a month.


  • Test to know when to add oats and dry fruits – Put a drop of boiling sugar syrup to a bowl of water. If the drop dissolves, it is not ready. If it settles at the bottom of the bowl, it is the right time to add other ingredients and immediately spread, before it gets too hard.


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